Salt & Fuessel

After working together for a number of years on various web projects, Digital Agency ‘Salt and Fuessel’ approached us to revamp their identity after a period of rapid growth. They needed clarity on who they were, where they were going, and how to tie that into their new identity.

Working with an existing logo idea from another agency, we established a suite of material that echoed their three key focus areas; establishing deeper connections, providing more meaningful solutions, and being a digital partner for their clients. Ultimately, we helped them rationalise their visual material around the concept of ‘finding meaningful solutions’.

We shifted their colour palette predominantly to white and red, created a variety of complimentary patterns and supporting graphics, and designed a new website that was simple and effective which showcases much of the work we’ve both collaborated on together.

The result was a sophisticated, yet approachable design, that channeled the premium offering the agency was providing, whilst remaining true to their customer-oriented roots.

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